We’re passionate about what we do because we make beautiful bright happy healthy babies - with your help of course! We know exactly what it takes and families from around the world are testament to our purpose at HEALTH HQ GLOBAL.

But we don't stop with creating healthy babies, our easy-to-follow advice, provided by credible, widely-acclaimed health professionals, our fabulous products whose formulations are backed by the latest scientific research and our state-of-the-art assessment and monitoring technology, support vibrant good health at every stage of life!’
HEALTH HQ GLOBAL ambassadors bring you the culmination of many decades promoting wellness-enhancing programs and products. Our areas of speciality include:
  •   Fertility/Preconception
  •   Pregnancy/Birth/Breastfeeding
  •   Mother/Baby Health
  •   Natural Hormonal Balance
  •   Menopause/Healthy Ageing
Education is the foundation of wellness focused care and education is our specialty! With multiple media through which to spread the word and clever ways to engage and motivate audiences we can make this information heard by tens of millions not just tens of thousands. That educational content which we can deliver through convergent media in English (or for local publication or translation) can be used for sales & marketing, promotions, product endorsement or to expand your brand. 
Health HQ Global has a strong team to provide that education. Acclaimed, much-published, health professionals in specialties which include preconception and fertility, pre and post-natal health, women’s hormonal health, children and teens, right through to healthy ageing
Design the most advanced and comprehensive formulae for all of our products
This is how we are able to bring you unique, best-of-breed, specialty products that support our educational content. Our team of formulators:
  •  Regularly attend the conferences and congresses where the latest research is  shared 
  •  Design the most advanced and comprehensive formulae for all of our products
  •  Ensure the appropriate balance between individual vitamins, trace elements,  phytonutrients and herbs 
  •  Select the individual ingredients that provide optimal bioavailability and thus ensure  complete cellular absorption 
  •  Guarantee that all our products are manufactured in TGA and FDA-approved  premises. All products are certified as halal and kosher
We’re proud to have the exclusive rights to unique, state-of-the-art assessment and monitoring device! 30 years of Russian research - incorporating TCM principles and IR light! Established by Global Medical Device Nomenlature in an entirely new category. Bio Energy Stimulation Technology - BEST! This hand-held personal device with associated Mobile App, in 5 minutes can confirm energetic balance and wellbeing (or otherwise), then give product, nutritional, lifestyle or other advice. We keep our customers engaged and motivated on a daily basis.
We bring you peace of mind. We bring you information that you can trust, we only provide products that meet our stringent criteria and our technology is designed to confirm the success of your wellness journey, whatever your stage of life.
Jacqueline Schell and Jan Roberts established HEALTH HQ GLOBAL in 2016. However, the relative youth of their enterprise belies the years of commitment and effort, their passion for their shared vision and their firm belief that they create synergy in bringing their individual talents and expertise to the table.
Jan’s unrivalled expertise in health care working in both orthodox and complementary arenas, her specialty and recognition in the mother/baby space are perfectly complemented by Jacquie’s expertise in business, project management and alliance-building. Their individual networks and associations are significant, their integrity in all they do is unquestioned, but their commitment to promoting a new paradigm in health care lies at the heart of their business. 

Jacqueline and Jan believe that every family should have access to the most current information and the very best products that underpin the physical and mental wellbeing of the next generation. But the healthiest possible start in life is just the beginning - HEALTH HQ GLOBAL has been established to ensure that the whole family’s health is nourished and supported at every life stage. 
We’re proud of the stable of experts that are part of the HEALTH HQ GLOBAL Team. Acclaimed, much-published, health professionals in specialties which include preconception and fertility, pre and post-natal health, women’s hormonal health, children and teens, right through to healthy ageing. Our medical advisory board are all recognised experts in their particular field:
Susan Ross originally trained as a mifwife. She is the creator of Inside Birth® Educator Training and Birth Doula and Post-Natal Doula Training. She is a public speaker, communicator and author.
Dr Rosina McAlpine is an award-winning educator. Today, as part of corporate social responsibility, Rosina’s Win Win Parenting partners with companies to empower their employees to succeed at home & at work.
Jane Bennett offers girls and women the means to understand and have a positive and empowered relationship with their bodies, their fertility and their cycles.
Martha Lourey-Bird - with a Masters degree, Martha is a qualified exercise scientist, university lecturer, scientific adviser, fitness editor, health and wellness presenter, coach, author and proud mum to her very own fit kids.
Francesca Naish - founder of The Jocelyn Centre, Australia’s first specialist natural fertility clinic. Through her clinic’s work and the 4-book series Jan Roberts and Francesca wrote together, ‘preconception health care' has become a term in common use throughout both natural and orthodox approaches to fertility and pregnancy..
Dr. Shawn Tassone - is a double boarded physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Board of Integrative Medicine. He is a practicing OBGYN, author, speaker, and patient advocate.
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